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Kids Activities In Oak Lawn Illinois

The Oak Lawn Park District is located at 9401, Oak Park Ave, Oak Lawn, IL 60453, United Nations. It is a place to enjoy recreational activities, spread over to 300 acres of land, the Oak Lawn Park District is home to the various sports arena and wide-open grounds. This location features all kinds of fun things to do that will refresh your mind. Apart from this, the Oak Lawn Park District organizes various events from time to time for people to enjoy.

Things That You Can Do In Oak Lawn Park District:

Ice Arena

The Ice Arena at the Oak Lawn Park District is home for ice-skaters and hockey players. It is open for competitions as well as just-for-fun activities. It is an interesting fact to know that Oak Lawn Park District has the first-ever ice rink in the town. There are a total of 1100 seats available for the audience that provides comfortable sitting. This is not it, people can also organize events and parties here.

Community Pavillion

The community Pavillion opens a wide range of options for entertainment. It has various basketball and volleyball courts, badminton courts, indoor soccer arena. Apart from this, there are various activities that are arranged here like birthday parties, programs, fitness studios, events, etc. The Pavilion also features a number of equipment’s for weight lifting, kickboxing, yoga, and aerobics.

Oak View Center

If you’re not a sports person, Oak Lawn District Park has a pretty good option for you to enjoy and that is the Oak View Center. The Oak View Center exhibits a quality display of animals, sea creatures, shells, rocks and minerals. Apart from this, this center also features a theatre group known as the Oak Lawn Park District Theatre Group which performs a musical every year. And like all other centers, it too offers you an option to arrange birthday parties and events.


The Oak Lawn Park District is a paradise for a fitness freak and that is the sole reason why it has numerous count of fitness-based activities. Their gymnasium which is known as the Racquet, Fitness and Gymnastic Center. It has 5 Tennis Courts, 6 Pickle ball Courts, 3 Baseball cages, 3 Racquet Ball/Wally ball Courts, 2 Badminton courts, Fitness Room, 2 Party Rooms, and a gymnastics center. However, you will need a membership in order to enjoy the Racquet center.

From time to time the Gymnasium has been arranging all kinds of training classes for boys and girls and also various competitions.

Stony Creek

Stony Creek is where the people go for having a memorable experience of their life. It has a golf course, a restaurant, and a banquet hall. You can organize weddings, baby shower, baptism, graduation parties, birthday parties, etc. Stony Creek offers various picturesque locations that are a delight to the eyes. The banquet hall there is just beautiful and you will never forget any kind of party that you have there. An important thing to note is whenever you plan to organize anything at the Oak Lawn Park District, they also offer catering services for your ease.

So next time you are in Oak Lawn, don’t forget to give the Oak Lawn Park District a visit, because this place will give you an unforgettable experience of your life.

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